Saturday, January 17, 2009

Man is an intelligence in servitude to his organs...

The challenges continue...

After an unsuccessful visit to yet another "specialist", I have come to the conclusion that I'm on my own with this one. I am seriously allergic to pretty much everything and the list continues to grow. Conventional medicine can't offer me any help except an Epipen when things get nasty. Nice..

So I need to come up with a diet plan that is vegan (naturally), wheat-free, sugar-free, salicylate-free, clean (as in no preservatives, flavour enhancers, or food additives of any description - natural or otherwise). And clean up my immediate environment - no chemicals, toxins, allergens.

Not impossible, just a little challenging. I've been taking 13 different vitamin and mineral supplements and I'm starting to feel a little better - less time on the couch, so that's a massive big plus.

I can do this!!! Just a little research and lots of tenacity and I will have a normal life.

Onwards and upwards!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

She Returns.. Healing Slowly.

I've been away enjoying the coast and trying to heal. Nothing like the beach to do that. The allergies reached critical, prognosis was not good, so I high tailed it to the beach. Lots of yoga, clean sea air and clean food. I did heal, but since I've been back I'm declining rapidly.

I lost two precious cows over Christmas which was very sad. But they had much love while they lived. Molly was 16 years old and destined for sausages (as she was barren), before I rescued her. She was a beautiful Holstein Fresian and very affectionate. My other loss was young heifer, one of my Belties - she just got sicker and sicker, and sadly passed away. Her mother was grief sticken. It was a very sad time.

If I can't beat these allergies, we will need to consider moving to the coast. It will be so tough. I can't leave my cows - I don't trust anyone.

Oh well. I have been cooking today - no photos or recipes just yet, as I'm not sure how it will turn out. I am making a vegan pot roast, and chocolate silk pie with white chocolate cream. I'll see if it tastes okay before I post anything.