Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Worry Gives a Small Thing a Big Shadow


I'm often asked about how I cope with so many allergies, and I guess its because I just adjust. I haven't yet found it impossible, just challenging sometimes. Mostly when I go out. To give a bit of an overview, I'm pretty much allergic to most foods, and various things in the environment. The main allergy is salicylates and amines. But also on the list is, dust, dust mite, bleach, pollens, grasses, wheat, petrochemicals, natural flavour enhancers, all food additives, pesticides, herbicides, alcohol and dairy products (but that doesn't concern me at all!). So this means my food choices are very limited - salicylates are found in just about all plants.

Salicylates are not only in food but also shampoos and conditioners, skin care products, makeup, perfumes, household cleaners etc etc.

So if you have found this blog because you are struggling with allergies, don't panic just yet - its challenging but your life isn't really over!

I was asked the other day by my local country pub what I can eat so that they can prepare me a meal occasionally. How sweet of them. I usually just order something and pick out what I can eat and my hubby eats what's left.

Hmmm - what do I eat... Well, here's a typical day -

Breakfast - Pear Smoothie, made with soy protein (yay, I'm not allergic to Soy - aint life grand!), soy milk, a pear, and a handful of oats. If my reactions are at a minimum, I'll add a bit of flaxseed. Did you know we cannot get Hemp Milk in Australia! Customs won't let it in! I so wish we could. Because I can't have almond milk, and I'd rather not have oat or rice milk because they are too high in carbs.

Lunch - Lentil soup made with sweet potato (the orange one - can't eat the white one), leeks (no onions), red lentils and garlic.

Dinner - Steamed veg (carrots, sweet potato, brussel sprouts, beans) and a chickpea or lentil patty. Sometimes tofu.

Snacks are usually fruit (pears or red delicious apples - these are the only real fruits that are low in salicylates) or an energy bar I make myself out of dried fruit and raw cashews (only nuts I can tolerate). On special occasions or when I'm out, I'll have a mineral water in a wine glass so that I can feel special.

Surprisingly I have a weight problem, but I think that could be because my diet is so limited and I don't exercise enough. I make all my food from scratch because I can't trust any packaged products. Even healthy vegan food can contain natural flavour enhancers.

Supplements I take - and I might add I am having some amazing success with these! I haven't had an emergency dash to hospital since I've been taking them - 5 months!

Vit C (3000mg) - yep a lot!
Vit B, B6 & B12
Milk Thistle
Potassium (sometimes, when I feel its low - feet swell up)

Now the toiletries - For soap, I use Melrose Castile Soap, I make my own shampoo and conditioners using Melrose rainwater shampoo and conditioner bases. I use an oil blend for moisturisers. Although I can tolerate Shiseido Benefience products - but these are expensive. For makeup I use Chanel although I hardly wear makeup at all these days. Only on special occasions because my face still can flare up even with the safe products.

For cleaning I just use very hot water and a cloth - and beg my hubby to please, please, please clean the bathroom for me! For washing my clothes I use Aware Sensitive from Planet Ark.

My house has no floor coverings, only painted boards and I vacuum and wash the floor with very hot water about three times a week.

I think I remembered everything. I hope this helps. I know when I first started on this journey, I so wished someone would just tell me what I could do, rather than what I couldn't!

Take care,


Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I'm not a good blogger. I love reading everyone else's. Theirs are much more interesting.

I've just joined a Yoga Challenge with Carrots and Cake to try and get re-motivated. Otherwise, not much more to talk about. I seem to living on steamed vegies, cashew cheese, and chickpea cutlets these days. Not very interesting.

I don't even paint these days. I need a serious kick up the butt.