Saturday, July 08, 2006

He who does good comes to the temple gate; He who loves reaches the shrine

Lost June... Not sure what happened....

Let me think.. ahhh I remember now. I worked and worked and worked.!! Got screwed over by company, told them to stick it, they tried harder, told them once again to stick it, and then we eventually reached a compromise. They agreed to pay me what I wanted and to let me go when I want to. I'm not sure I made the right decision, I think I should have just left and moved on.

So, I start again next week, and I have to complete all my outstanding assignments by the end of this month. I've just returned from a rather wonderful break bushwalking and visiting wineries. Absolutely wonderful. I wish we'd stayed for longer. I was just starting to relax.

I'm considering starting my own consultancy. The more I'm dreading returning to work on Monday, the more convinced I am that its the right thing to do. I need to investigate all the pitfalls though. I imagine there will be many.

I should be doing my assignments now, or doing a few chores, all not really attractive. Hmmm, still missing the energy and spark of life right now. Maybe just a normal reaction when one returns from holidays.

Well, I should at least look at some sort of study plan for the rest of the month, or I will be peaking!!


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