Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Love has no boundaries; it is the greatest force on earth...

Well, I'm now recovering from surgery - lost the battle to keep my gallbladder. So now the real journey begins.

I'm going to keep this blog to track my progress with eating well and staying sane and my attempt to avoid what seems to be the inevitable weight gain after the gallbladder is removed. It will also be interesting to see if my multiple allergies start to reduce as my surgeon hopes. He said he can't give a medical reason why this would happen, only that he has had patients in the past that have had at least one of their allergies disappear.

That would be awesome! If I could have a choice, could it please be the salicylates? Please, please?? It would be so nice to tuck into a really yummy crunchy salad with juicy tomatoes, and roasted pinenuts and wow, AVOCADOS, - hmmmmmmm I would love to be able to eat avocados. Anyway, I'm salivating now - so best keep sipping away at my hot lemon drink as I try to reduce the bloating.

I'll learn how to photograph my meals like my other favourite veggie bloggers do....


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