Sunday, April 30, 2006

Dreams Born From the Heart Never Die, They Simply Lie Sleeping

Missed a couple of posts, sorry.

Friday was okay - just filed and cleared up my desk. Just in case things change and I choose to move on. I had a crappy email from the lecturer in one of my units, that said basically do the work or defer. I also called a friend and she had just returned from backpacking around Tassie, and got to roll in the snow. She is one of my best friends and I miss her like crazy. It was wonderful to talk to her.

Saturday was pretty good considering. It was actually an excellent day, only I was suffering from a really bad headache which kinda put a damper on the day. Balingup was a great day out. I really enjoyed seeing everything, and caught up with some wonderful friends. It really helps put life back in perspective, when you realise how great they all are.
We had a meal in a great little gallery cafe which makes the best hot chocolate in the world!!! It was orgasmic!!

Today, Dad came over and stayed all day. We had a barbeque lunch and looked through all my painting gear. I gave him plenty of paints and mediums and lent him my brushes to get him started. He is so lost. All he can see ahead of him is loads of emptiness. Life can be pretty damn cruel some times.

Oh well, better get on.. Now that I have to just get on and study or defer!! Well, I'll just aim for a scrape through pass. If I fail, then I'll just repeat.


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Chaotic Mom said...

Hey, I just randomly found your post while surfing Blogger.

I remember loosing my dad when I was 17, over 17 years ago. I was a ZOMBIE for about three weeks, didn't sleep. My mom went through a huge swing into depression, but I think she was like that before he passed away, too. She's doing MUCH better now, but it took some time.

I still miss my dad. He was an okay guy. I'm glad you and your dad have eachother for comfort.

Oh, here's why I wanted to contact you. About a month after my dad died my Advanced Chem teacher said I needed to get back with the program. That it was time I start throwing myself back into school. It was my last term in high school, I was already accepted to a good engineering college. My guidance counselor told me I could flunk all my classes and still move onto college, just ignore the teacher. Much easier in high school than later when with responsibilities, I guess. But I still can't get over that my teacher thought a month was enough grieving time.

It's different for everyone. I wish you the best during this hard time. Writing/bloggin CAN be therapeutic. Finding someone (maybe professional) to talk to isn't a bad idea, either. Exercise sure helps. So does time. I hope things work out for you in time. ;)