Wednesday, May 24, 2006

If you don't know where you're going, it is easy not to know when you've arrived.

Spent the day with Dad yesterday. He is still really struggling. Life is pretty damn cruel sometimes.

I expect my brother will call me soon looking for the money for the funeral. Bugger. We don't have it, and we're not going to have it until I can get back to work. And I'm certainly not ready yet. I'm only just starting to feel a little human this week.

I'm having a hell of time with trying to focus on my assignments. I'll have another go this afternoon. Its still so difficult to focus. It was so much easier before Mum died.

I received my other degree in the mail yesterday. Part of me wishes I had gone with the whole graduation ceremony. It was such an anticlimax just opening an envelope. All that hard work. And now I have the other one to finish - I wonder if it is all worth it.

Just gonna have a little vent.. I was reading through some of the comments that the lecturer made on my assignment, and try as I might to be objective and look at it from her point of view, I have really taken offence at everything she has said. I am actually quite appalled that she is teaching! And at a university level! How on earth does she get away with it?

I read how as a teacher you should:

reduce the inherent threat and negative reactions associated with evaluation
keep comments as impersonal as possible and focus on behaviour
offer support and optimism wherever possible.

okay - so all that is missing! So I think I now know why I have been struggling. Because I was going fine before I received that last assignment back. So what to do. I need to get my confidence back.

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