Friday, May 12, 2006

messy messy messy

Love Camille's Ta Douleur.. Just thought I'd mention that.

Can't find Dad. Hope he's okay. It's good that he is not at home moping, but I wish he'd answer his mobile. Then I wouldn't worry.

Gotta gotta do my assignments. no more procrastinating.. well, maybe a little bit more. I have seven to do! Count them, SEVEN!! aaaarhhhh.!

Can't focus. gotta focus... can't focus.. sooo gotta!



okay - second post for today..

I was just reading someone else's blog, and I felt envy. How bad is that!? What was I envious of? They had a normal life. She was saying how she was tidying up, curling up on the couch to read a book, and finding time to exercise and go for a run. What? No study? No pressing work issues?! Bliss....

Naughty me. My life is good really. I'm just a little weary. I haven't had a proper break in about 8 years. One where you don't have to think about work or study for at least two weeks, or even a week would be good. Oh well, maybe next year.....

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